System Design Support To Full Integration

We focus on supporting our customers in all aspects of the design process to ensure that an integrated solution is the right approach.

ASIC Prototyping

When the path to ASIC is correct our team of engineers is ready to integrate your solution with our fabrication partners around the world.

Post ASIC Development Support

At NFR we understand that post ASIC efforts are critical to product success. NFR offers a wide range of services that ensures our customers are correctly supported all the way through production.

System Design & Support
ASIC Prototyping
Post ASIC Development
System Design & Support

At NFR, we understand that the path through development of an ASIC can be difficult. Therefore, as a means of mitigating risk and eliminating uncertainty for our customers, our team of engineers begins by establishing a clear view of customers expectations through the following:

  • Understanding customers ASIC goals and metrics (price, size, performance, timeline, etc.)
  • Full analysis of customers current system to determine best ASIC implementation strategy
  • Present a full risk analysis to demonstrate the path to a successful circuit integration
ASIC Prototyping

On occasion, customers are ready with full specifications and clear vision of their desired ASIC. In these situations our team of design engineers focuses on the following action items:

  • Planning an ASIC development schedule
  • Creation of a collaborative feedback loop between customer and design team to ensure desired ASIC specifications are met during all phases of development
  • Present the best options for prototyping, testing, and manufacturing to meet the customers production needs
Post ASIC Development

At NFR we like to think from the customers perspective and offer full support to ease integration into customer's product and help reduce time-to-market (TTM). Our post ASIC-development support focuses on:

  • Quick prototyping of test wafers prior to full production runs on any design changes
  • Development of testing software and hardware to ensure desired functionality during production
  • Creation of mass production (MP) prototype wafers to validate final designs before ramping full scale production


Over the past 9 years NoiseFigure Research (NFR) has served many industries and continues to provide and improve its services. We serve a wide range of needs including Ultra-High Speed Digital Circuits, High/Mid frequency RF Radios, Power Management and High Accuracy Analog ASICs.  let us know what your needs are. No project is too simple or too complex for us to consider.


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