Frequently asked questions about working at NFR.

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What is NFR?

NFR is an end-to-end integrated circuits company. We are not just a fab-less ASIC company, we rather think of ourselves as anĀ end-to-end company without the fab. That is to say, we look at the raw problem and create the system, ASIC, prototype, firmware and software necessary to get the customer to a successful product.

So in short, NFR is the place where you will need every skill in engineering to bring successful projects to full production and help reach customer satisfaction.

What is it like to work at NFR?

At NFR everyday is a busy day. Our team is small, agile and extremely efficient. Solutions are found and implemented in days and we quickly move on to the next phase of the project.
One day, you may find yourself working with a huge database and using your custom firmware and software to solve a problem.
Another day you may be using a 2D CAD or 3D CAD to do a fast prototype for a demo.
Other times, you may end up designing integrated circuits for a larger ASIC.

Our team is very dynamic and knowledgeable and ready to share our knowledge and train each other to quickly advance as a team at NFR.

If you this sounds like awesome place to work, then send us your resume. If one of our team members thinks you are a good fit, we will be in touch!

How can I join the NFR team?

NFR is constantly seeking awesome team members that have fun being engineers and like working in a group environment. The best way to join NFR is to send us your resume and tell us why you would like to work with us. You do not have to wait for a job post from us.

When you are ready to get engage in real challenges

Click the link below and send us your resume. A staff member will contact you soon after reviewing your submission.