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Commonly ask question for contacting us?


What can I expect after sending you and email?

Our team of engineers will take a look at your request(s) and give you an email back to setup a brief consultation. During this consultation, you can feel free to ask all the questions you may have regarding your system and integration needs.

What if I am not ready for production? should I still contact you?

Most cases, customers do not have a clear view of what, when and how they will reach production if at all. However, it is best to seek guidance from the onset of the problem. At times, NFR has help customers understand the best route to integration even if this means a discrete solution.

You can count on NFR to guide you to what is best for your product.

What if I need a turn-key solution to my Integration?

Over the past 9 years NFR has gathers a large portfolio of private and shared IP that we are able to immediately apply to your project.

Our team has participated in "in-house" services where we send members of our team to work directly at customers site on a daily basis for as long as needed. Our customers are pleased to find that no extra resources are needed on their side and that our team is able to handle all instructions, data, and testing to reach a fully integrated solution.

So, whether you want to give us a full specification sheet and have us go through the entire integration or have us temporarily in your site, we are a very flexible team that will ensure that your system goal is a success.

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