The NFR process
Simple. Efficient. Flexible.

Your integration starts here

Whether a system design or upgrade, hardware testing, or a full hardware integration via ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) our process of engagement aims to reduce product time-to-market for all our customers. The starting point is always a free consultation with your team to see how to best serve you and your hardware integration goals.

With us, You got options

After our consultation, our customers will receive an overview of different paths that NFR can offer them. This stage allows the customer to evaluate time, cost and end-product possibilities for their desired goals.

Start your project

Once the customer selects a clear path to meet their hardware integration needs, a comprehensive action plan is presented by NFR and you tell us when to start.

Your prototype

This step is simple and the most exciting:

First prototype is made available for the customer to evaluate. As always you can count with NFR to support evaluation to the fullest.

Check point

After first prototype, NFR conducts a feedback session to ensure that the results are satisfactory to our customer.

Mass Production

Once hardware has been prototyped and customer is satisfied with the performance, NFR offers a wide range of production lines. At this point, a comprehensive report to take the solution to mass production is offered and the customer can decide what will work best for their goals.

  • Free consultation to learn about your goals and match our services
  • You can stop in any phase of the process without incurring cost
  • Flexible IP options

Learn more about NFR and our services. Feel free to contact us any time. No hassle, no commitments.

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