Ask your designers if an ASIC is right for you.

In the past decade, NFR has helped large amounts of customer reach their desired level of integration and competitive edge. We understand it is not always a direct route to ASIC, that is why NFR supports customers in all facets of the product development process.

It is not always about the ASIC. NFR understands.

You may not need a complete ASIC solution today;  NFR understands this. To gain a competitive advantage, we have amassed a large set of capabilities to support the approach you truly need in any or all steps of the development process

Let's Look at Your System Goals

System Feasibility is the first step toward a successful project. When an ASIC is the right solution, NFR can help you get there at the right time on the right budget.

Fast Prototyping

Whether a new prototype or partially integrated prototype is needed. NFR can help you prototype to most effectively transition to ASIC.

Find the Best ASIC Option to Market your Product

Not all prototypes can benefit from an ASIC, but if yours does, we will find the best way to produce it.