DAC14B2000 – 14-bit 2.0 Gsps DAC


DAC14B2000 – 14-bit 2.0 Gsps DAC Expansion Board for Invenio A7

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The DAC14B2000 DAC Expansion Board is a 14-bit DAC board designed to plug directly into an NFR Invenio A7 FPGA platform. The design takes advantage of a pair of interleaved 14-bit LVDS signal busses to transmit the digital data from the FPGA on the Invenio A7 to the DAC (Total of 28 LVDS lanes). The maximum output sample rate of the DAC when used in conjunction with the Invenio A7 is 2.0 GHz in interleaved data signaling mode. Power is supplied directly by the main power bus on the Invenio A7 through the expansion header. Additionally, power can be brought in from an external source to the PCB if desired.

Sample Verilog code is available here online for users to get started using the DAC14B2000 with the Invenio A7 right away.


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