Chips that bring control of RF front ends to the edge to provide supply and bias voltages, timing, and perform health monitoring
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Front End Controller IC Solutions

To support the ever growing demands of RF frontends, NFR offers controller ICs that provides an edge in SWaP-C by bringing controllers to the edge. NFR offers multi-channel controllers for III-V amplifier gate biases, RF switches, and other RF blocks. See below for a list of parts available via Pure IP:

NFP3112 Dual-Channel, High Speed, High Current PIN Diode Driver

See below for a list of upcoming parts:

NFD315 Differential to Single Ended 4 to 20 Decoder

NFP315 Multi-Channel Integrated Analog and Switch Biaser

NFP3134 Quad-Channel PIN Diode Driver, +5V to -5V

NFP3144 Quad-Channel PIN Diode Driver, +5V to -30V

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