Harvest ambient RF/uW transmit energy, and efficiently convert into DC power to provide an energy source for low power sensors
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Harvester IC Solutions

NFR has a long history in the harvester space and is continuing to develop new products to serve different customers. See below for a list of parts available via Pure IP:

NFW310A 2.4GHz RF Harvester HSHP (High Sensitivity, High Power)

NFW310F 2.4GHz RF Harvester HSLP (High Sensitivity, Low Power)

NFW310M 2.4GHz RF Harvester LSHP (Low Sensitivity, High Power)

NFW310S 2.4GHz RF Harvester

See below for a list of upcoming parts:

NFW330A 2.4GHz RF Harvester High Sensitivity

NFW330B 2.4GHZ RF Harvester High Efficiency

NFW330C 2.4GHZ RF Harvester Hybrid High Sensivity/High Power

NFW330E 2.4GHz RF Harvester Hybrid High Sensivity/High Power

NFW330F 5.8GHz RF Harvester High Efficiency

Harvester Evaluation Boards

The NFW330 ICs are available on over-the-air evaluation boards with on-board antennas and LED power indicators. These boards can produce DC power with signals from COTS WIFI routers.

5.8GHz over-the-air boards are currently available. To order evaluation boards, email [email protected].

Order your evaluation kit or part(s) by emailing [email protected]
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